Meet Anastasia

Welcome to Seven10: my web presence since 2002.

While I have enjoyed working as an independent technology consultant, I am looking forward to returning to the corporate workforce as a technology leader. Therefore, I am updating this site to reflect my experience and accomplishments. Keep checking back for added content!

I have several years of business, IT / technology, operations, communication and marketing experience and have worked at and with all levels of employees from the bottom of the totem pole to the top of the C-Suite.

The past two years I have also served in a leadership position as President of my local American Legion Auxiliary unit. I relish the opportunity to infuse positive energy into an organization and re-invigorate long-time members.

My work and education backgrounds are well-rounded and have allowed me to adapt to and flourish in several professional capacities: IT Manager, Technology & Communication Manager, Training Coordinator — among other roles. My work ethic has been well-developed and does not deflate during times of stress, short deadlines or heavy workloads.

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Thanks for stopping by!